1. Cuvée Philippe Blend
  2. Le FigaroVin
  3. Bag In Box CarinaE Malbec
  4. Carinae according Portelli


New vintage in record time!

After finishing with the vintage 2013, it is now coming out of the cellar the 2014 Cuvée Philippe, elegant and complex assemblage with 36% Malbec, 35% Syrah and 29% Cabernet Sauvignon. Nice combination of fruit and spice, typical notes of each variety; amalgamated with hints chocolate and vanilla that brings its aging in French oak. It goes well with hard cheeses, pasta with intense sauces and roasted meats.

Harvest/holiday in Argentina, Le FigaroVin - Francia (April 2015)

In Argentina, harvesting is carried out from March till May, at the foot of the Aconcagua. Harvesting in this country “it’s more familial, it is a convivial pleasure” explains Daniel, 64 years old, french. At lunch, the pickers eat, under the shade of the olive trees, sitted on boxes they fill in during the day with Malbec grapes, the variety the most typical of Argentina.



Bag In Box CarinaE Malbec

A new member joins the family of Carinae wines, our Malbec Bag in Box 3 liters.
Younger brother of the current 5 liters.
Excellent options for restaurants and wine bars that serve wine by the glass or for Sunday BBQ's with family.

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When love is stronger than wine

Carinae told through the eyes of Fabricio Portelli, in a note that tells the origin of the winery, the passion of its owners, Brigitte and Philippe and their wines, Argentine, but with a French accent.