The name Carinae (Latin, “from Carina”) comes from Philippe´s passion for astronomy. Carina is one of the most beautiful constellations of the southern sky with a multitude of stars.
  It appears during the summer nights, particularly during the harvesting season.





  Brigitte and Philippe have began this project with a lot of enthusiasm and without any knowledge of vitiviniculture.
  They have succeededed in this great adventure thanks to the support of Michel Rolland´s team in Mendoza, especially from Gabriela Celeste and Juan Manuel González who both contributed greatly to the enological aspect, and also Marcelo Canatella,who helped to develop the vineyards.
  From its very first years, this collaboration has allowed conceiving wines very well received by the critics.





  Brigitte y Philippe Subra moved from France in 1998 to live in Mendoza. For the first four years they lived there, Philippe managed a company in the electric business.
  After that time, they decided to try a different lifestyle.
  In January of 2003, Brigitte and Philippe created CarinaE. 
  The winery is dedicated to producing high quality wines with grapes that are grown in its own old vineyards of low yields located in Maipú, in the traditional first zone of Mendoza.